What is TribeNet?


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TribeNet is an open-ended, play-by-email (PBEM) game of growth and management, where you are the leader of a Clan. Your people build, trade, farm, sail the seas and explore, and, as with all growing and expanding populations, there is a need for diplomacy and negotiation.

Your people start off in the middle of nowhere as a nomadic tribe. You know nothing about your environment and you have but a handful of skills. You explore your world and build skills and resources.

TribeNet simulates a nomadic and growing tribal life and lets you choose where it may lead. There are components of TN that allow you to become Builder, Trader, Fighter, Sailor and Explorer. The potential and possibilities are endless.

Can your clan survive and become a civilisation? It’s up to you.

TribeNet is for those who enjoy living in their imagination and have organisational skills. Most players quickly see the importance of spreadsheets and forward planning. There are no graphics involved (apart from a map), no shooting, no funky miniatures or boards or special effects. It’s just you and your imagination. It is you who animates the game play.

But it comes with a warning: it can become seriously addictive and you have to be prepared to think. But if you need help jump onto Discord and see what other players have to say.



Heulwen of Y Fforwyr informed Y Saith that her scouts had delivered our gifts to the nearby clans.
Many have responded with copies of their own maps as an indication of their desire for co-operation for mutual benefit.
There is much we have to learn about the lands to the north.
Locals refer to one area as “The Amber Zone,”

but without explanation as to what makes this any different from the almost featureless grasslands that surround it.