Intelligence (Group B)

This skill allows a clan to gain information from locals.
The level of the skill determines what information you can ask for.

Level – type of intelligence

3 Nearest hex of specified terrain type (nearest or close to nearest)
3 Nearest mine of specified ore (base ores only)
4 Nearest Rich Seeking hex OR special hex (player to specify)
5 Nearest Rich Seeking hex of specified type (A to E)
6 Rough distance of known trading town (that is, you specify the name)
7 Nearest unknown trading town (known towns named by player in request are excluded)
10 Nearest source of named exotic mineral or commodity

Regardless of skill level only one request may be made per year.
Accuracy of information gained depends of the distance.
Accuracy is about 10% of distance, for example for a site which is 20 hexes away it should be within 2 hexes of stated location.
The reference point of the request can be any Tribe or Element with the Intelligence skill at the required level.
Special hexes, towns etc are organic and can spring up at any time as the TN world evolves.