Meeting House

Meeting House
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Tribes in TribeNet (updated 20 Feburary 2017):

This is not an exhaustive list, this list was purely opt-in.

The current total number of TribeNet players is 64!

0204 The Oh So Slow
0232 Naugrim
0255 Sauromati, led by Kuluk
0261 Yellow Dawn
0274 Ancestors of April 9
0400 Coch Tegwen, led by Ceidwad Gwirioned
0409 The Dega Clan, Shaman Kokana Ksor of the Rahde Trib
0421 The Blackrune Free Company
0432 Clan of the Water Buffalo, led by Chief Kresan
0437 Kayi Clan, led by Osman Kayi
0445 Elemental Clan, led by Naadam Darkhad
0456 Shepherds of Nature, led by Chief Kingsley
0472 The Iron Shield Company
0489 Ruairidh of the Beum-Sgeithe Clan
0497 Tarnwolf clan
0500 The Elders of Noiz