Who makes the best TribeNet player?

All other things being equal which do you think would make a better TribeNet  player?
Military Officer
Used Car Salesman
Professional Poker Player
Historian (in the relevant areas)
Other (specify):

Two Gold for the most convincing, and one Gold for the most humorous (not necessarily mutually exclusive).  Judged by me (the GM) with acknowledged bias, prejudice and taste.


0401 to all
I think historians would be the best suited to TribeNet.  Overall what this game has that others don’t is, an attention to detail and realism unlike any other game that lets you act out as if you were really leading a tribe.  Historians care about those details and stories and, by and large, will be interested in writing their own stories.

0421 to All
In all seriousness: the best TribeNet player, in my opinion, would be a retired accountant….good with numbers; able to discern the most profitable trade goods based on current prices; can extrapolate from incomplete data; monitors trends (weather, Mining, movement) based upon historical figures; and can interpret which items Trump others with regard to combat.

0408 to All
To debate whom would be the best player of a certain game requires divining what exactly it takes to “Win the game!”, which to my understanding has been its own entirely different discussion.  To me, I would think that person possesses the following three qualities:

  • Has the spare time and the finances to play a game such as this one
  • Is probably a “gamer”, or at least interested enough that this type of game makes him / her want to play it frequently and not lose interest
  • Has at least a decent understanding of statistics and Excel spreadsheets (or another equal tool to amass data and analyze it)

To these responses, I humbly ask to introduce you to the “Gamer Accountant”.

  1. To tackle the first proposition, most accountants tend to be really busy for a period of the year, and then have a comparatively relaxed schedule for the other majority of the year.  In addition, most accountants are paid decently well (except when they slave away during tax time and are salaried).  I think that our accountant would have both the spare time and the finances to view this as a fun activity and not a hardship.
  2. Regarding the second quality, the accounting profession tends to attract a lot of STEM-type people who love / are at least interested in mathematics and other similar subjects.  As this relative group of society tends to have a significant portion of “Gamers” within its population, I do not think it is a stretch at all to think that “Gamer Accountants” exist in a significant amount.  Thus, we find our “Gamer Accountant” out there and willing to take an interest in this game.
  3. For the final point, I do not think anyone would dispute the fact that accountants tend to have a fine understanding of Excel and its deep and dark secrets.  These are the people that can create their own Excel file to calculate harvest ratios in certain weather in certain conditions, create algorithms within data to find the best solution to where to make a village, and what researches will yield the most productive tract to a goal.  Our account literally eats and breathes only to further his quest for Excel spreadsheets full of goats and provisions.

In conclusion, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a better suited player than our “Gamer Accountant”.  Thank you for your time.

2 Gold

0363 to All
In understanding what makes a person a great TribeNet person it is important to understand those skills that are important to being a good TribeNet player:

  • Ability to build a spreadsheet
  • Desire to compare reports on an intricate level
  • A wild imagination probably artificially enhanced
  • Too much money
  • A desire to be despotic ruler controlling the lives of hundreds, because you actually have a dead-end job and are living in your mother’s basement

And so it is clear that an anal retentive unemployed accountant with an ecstasy addiction who just hit the lottery makes the best TribeNet player

1 Gold