New Expedition

GM to all Clans

I am floating an idea here for your consideration. (ps I am also open the the possibility that you might have a friend/s who could be interested in joining in in this)

The proposal needs to be entered into by at least six players for it to proceed. The players must be a mix of new and older players.

The offer: extra and refreshing diplomacy/negotiation options for players.

The details: Each player/Clan is offered an Element (from any one of its Tribes) over and above existing Admin requirements.
The Element will be 60/60/60, 15 Horses, 50 Goats and 350 provs.
All these Elements will be placed in the same hex, in a part of the TN world not presently mapped by any player.
There are no attacks for 12 turns.
Each player will be given a $12 credit and must play the Element for at least 12 turns.
At any time after 12 turns the player may choose to abandon the Element (if this happens it cannot be absorbed back into the main Tribe)
Play beyond this will incur normal Element costs.
In all other respects the unit operates as a normal TN Element.

Some tribal communication after this idea was implemented is here