returningResources for players:


River Travel: Rules for travelling by river

Beginners Rules: A set of limited rules for those who are new to the game.

Offical Mandate: The full GM rules. This document has had things added and subtracted over the years and is best used as a searchable document rather than as something you read from start to finish.

Aesthetic Alternative to the Mandate: Players’ rewrite of the Official rules above for better readability, GM mandate is the ultimate trump vs rules.

Tribe Manager V04: XL document. Essential tool for all players.

Fair Prices: Excel document. Latest prices for The Fair (04-808) – held early summer and early winter.

Research Document: A work-in-progress document that shows what is required for research.

Order Sheet Layout: For new players. Preferred layout template.

Sample report : For new players. A sample of your turn report.

Hexographer: A mapping tool available free or for a modest fee.

Some tools that are in production, but are not yet available:

  • Mapping tool: To automate mapping from your turn sheet.
  • Dashboard: See the inventory for all your units at a glance Simulates what will be produced in Activities and updates the inventory accordingly.





Return from successful Seeking (0400)