Hey, hi

The Ancestors of April 9 sent a band to the recent fair. They are called The Progenitors. Being low on musical instruments they did a full acapella set. It has been reported back to me that they brought the house down with their rendition of this song.

For those who missed it, here are the lyrics – though you really need to see it done live to fully appreciate the artistry of the vocal arrangement.


Hey, hi, Phoenix guy
I’ve got a flagon on my wagon and some prairie weed
Hey, hi, Sauromati guy
Can you tell him, that I’ll sell him
Two barrels of mead
Hey, hi, Monkey guy
I’m a-clappin’ at your mappin’
May your bananas be ripe
Boo hiss, Bissels miss
Get a life, mate, you reprobate
You’re our only gripe

Oh yes, we’ve only done a hex or twenty
It’s a land of jungle and ores a-plenty
There’s a whole new world out there to carve
Let’s hope we can map it before we starve
Yeah, yeah, Ancestors dare
We have no fear nor do we scare
We love to sing, we love to see
We do not fear the VVV

Hey, hi, great god Peter guy
Give us movement and improvement
In this wondrous game
Hey, hi, great god Peter guy
We can spell it, but can’t tell it
Can’t pronounce your name
Hey guy, we really do try
Bye bye
I don’t know why you say goodbye we say hello