Searching for Plenty

Matoskah Khan called his second eldest son into his yurt. Honovi was born of Matoskah’s second wife Aponi, and had her colouring, his skin a soft tan, and hair a mousy brown. He was smaller than his brothers, but Matoskah valued him for his mind and his natural charisma far more than any of the others.

“Son, you and your other brothers have been born for great things. Things the Land and the Gods will sing of for generations. It is time you, like your older brother Tala, take some of that responsibility onto your shoulders.”

Honovi sat taller, though still barely reaching the height of his father’s chin.

“I want you to take some of the horde, those best suited to herding, to the north by the great lake. The land will feed you and our people on your journey, and the Mother will pour her favour on your endeavours.”

Sitting in silent contemplation, Honovi finally spoke up.

“Great Khan, I believe that Clan Cervos would be best suited for this. They have a strong tie to the plains, and their Ancestor Spirit will provide much needed protection over us.”

Matoskah nodded thoughtfully at his son’s wise words. Indeed the Vigilant Deer Spirit of Clan Cervos would prove beneficial to their journey, and of all the Clans would be the one most likely to lead their cause to fruition. Rising from his seated position, Matoskah touched his son briefly on the head.

“A prudent decision, my son. Rise, Honovi Khan of Clan Cervos. Pledge yourself to me, the Great Matoskah Khan, and lead our people to plenty.”

Bowing his head, Hanovi did so pledge, and within the week was leading his Clan north into the unknown.