Setting the record straight: A message from Yungoe III (and Joe)

First, a disclaimer that should go without saying, but for the sake of absolute clarity I will make it here: Slavery is an intolerable injustice that each human is morally obliged to oppose every time it presents itself.  In no way am I in favor of actual slavery in any shape or form.  This is a game.  I do not really have slaves, I have an integer called “Slaves” on a report and probably in a database somewhere.  — Joe

And now a message from Yungoe III


When I became leader of this tribe, I knew that I had a difficult task.  The reputation of my people is certainly not without large and obvious stains.  You may hear that we have been vitriolic.  That is true.  You may hear that we have been known to betray our allies.  Sadly, that is also true.  You may have heard that we hold slaves.  This is true as well, even to this day.  What is not true, however, is that any slave was ever mistreated.  The Yungoe Gitters have never once made or possessed a whip.  No slave of ours has ever gone hungry or thirsty.  No slave of ours has ever been overworked.  No slave of ours has ever been slaughtered, eaten, raped, beaten, or otherwise abused.  This has always been our policy and our practice from my grandfather to me.

Additionally, I would set the record straight on my grandfather’s relationship with Timour Khan.  My grandfather had no trust of this Khan.  Yungoe I would not have knowingly tolerated one of his ‘observers’ in his camp or village.  He certainly did not allow such an untrusted envoy when I was a child.

My two predecessors were not without their faults.  Yungoe I was loud, obnoxious, given to spout thoughtless and hateful comments without regard to the inevitable diplomatic repercussions.  Even though he was the leader of the most battle experienced tribe, he was sill weakened and crushed, and possibly betrayed.  Yungoe II, my mother, was not the strategist or the tactician that her father was.  She allowed herself to be drawn into a battle that was so large some called it the end of the world.  She had no hope of survival.

I have tried to learn from the mistakes of those who came before me.  Those mistakes keep me up at night wondering if somewhere out there, there is an old enemy still lurking in the forest.  I am trying to lead my people down a more peaceful and prosperous road because I have seen what lies at the ends of the roads of my predecessors.

–Yungoe III