Movement Points

Movement Rates
Mounted units (no wagons) 27
Units on foot 18
* fully mounted units may travel with Cattle and Goats at no penalty.

Scouting rates
Mounted (no wagons,  goats, cattle) 15
Foot 8
*Scouting is to a particular hex (no MV points are used for the return journey). Hexes passed through will have their terrain described.

Movement Point costs
Arid; Prairie 3
Tundra 4
Deciduous forest; Jungle; Desert 5
Polar Ice 7
Swamp 8

Arid; Grassy Hills 5
Deciduous; Conifer; Jungle; Rock 6
Snow 7

Arid 9
Conifer; Volcano; Jungle; Snow 10

High Mountains:
No entry except through a pass


Movement restrictions:
Wagons can’t enter Swamp, Snow Hills, or any mountain unless there are sufficient elephants to do so.

River – Blocks movement
Ford – Allows river to be crossed at a cost of 1 MP
Pass, Low Mountain – 7 MP to enter hex via pass, no entry restrictions. Wagons may enter
Pass, High Mountain – 8 MP to enter hex, no restrictions

NB – Items which can’t enter certain terrain types without the help of passes may not leave those terrain types except via a pass.


Light rain, light snow or windstorms +1 MP per hex/ford
Heavy rain or heavy snow +2 MP per hex/ford