Q: My clan has found Conifer Hills, several hexes away. Can I move to the hex and use forestry to harvest wood or do I need to move there this turn and harvest next turn? I’m assuming hunting can be done on the move while other activities can only be done before or after moving?

A: All Activities are performed BEFORE movement. So, whatever hex you are CURRENTLY in (before you move) is where the action takes place. Example: if you are currently in the Prairie and order your Workers to Forest Logs because that is where you are moving, they will NOT succeed (a Prairie hex has NO Logs). It will only be on the FOLLOWING move (assuming they successfully arrive at the Conifer Forest) that they will be able to acquire Logs.


Q: When assigning Warriors and Actives to an element or the trade element for example. How are they split up into the fields?
Like Warriors who aren’t scouting I assume these are Hunting, but do actives also hunt? and I assume Actives are used for all the other jobs that are required by the element?

Sorry if this doesn’t make a lot of sense, I just read what I wrote and I know what I want to ask but putting it into words isn’t as easy as I thought lol.

The best way I can ask what I mean is take the trade element for example, it gets 20 Warriors, 10 Actives – because it doesn’t scout (which I am assuming would be a task for Warriors in the other elements) I would put the warriors as hunting right, and then put the Actives as herding?

A: Unless the activity is Warrior specific such a Scouting, or Defence you do not need to specify whether Warriors or Actives are used. Thus if you assign 100 people to Defence then you need to specify 100 Warriors (which is a sort of check to make sure you have that many), if however you set 50 people to collecting Clay (under Pottery) 50 of your available workforce will go do the task you do not need to specify whom


Q: In a Tribe is it only warriors that hunt? or do Actives also hunt?

A: Warriors and Actives can Hunt (and do Activities in general)