Q: Does anyone know whether or not I can use elephants instead of horses for improved scouting movement?

A: Yes, you can. Elephants are coded for mounted movement, and each elephant may carry 3 riders.


Q: Would it be worthwhile out fitting an element with elephants so as they can carry provs which the element generates, especially if the element is mining etc as this element is a mounted element? Would it be beneficial to out fit a Trade element with elephants in order to transport goods from an element back to a tribe?

A: All viable uses of elephants. Elephants can actually carry more weight than horses, so, if you find 1500 silver, they can carry it back. You won’t, though…

You can send scouts on Elephants, no advantage really and if Scouts get lost you lose Elephants rather than Horses (which are easier to breed). Mounted with Elements is another matter as there are some terrains that Wagons cannot enter so if you want to carry heavy weights in and out of these terrains Elephants might be the go.