Q: I had most of my people on a snowy hill for the first turn of spring and found that I didn’t hunt very many provs. Would I be right in assuming that the terrain makes a big difference to how many provs are hunted?

A: Yes, it used to be basically in ascending order Prairie, grassy hills, conifer hills, more if they were by the sea or river, I didnt have figures on mountains, swamps, snowy hills or other types.

I have discovered that hunting in a swamp is worse than hunting on a prairie.

Generally speaking, non-mountain wooded hexes are the best for hunting. That may not be true in winter.

Q: Does anyone have an educated guess as to the relative effectiveness of hunting in forest as opposed to prairie. I’m assuming that it doesn’t matter too much what type of forest?

A: Ah, but it does. It even matters if you are on a river hex or not. Deciduous is best. Deciduous Hills in particular.

Jungle better than Deciduous, is better than Conifer (unless it is Winter in which case Deciduous is poorer).

DH are better in summer, jungle better in winter. About the same in spring.

There is no difference between forest or forested hills. Relative to prairie, conifer is always better and deciduous is always better except in winter when it is significantly poorer than prairie. Swamp is poor all around. Correction: Deciduous hills are slightly better than deciduous forest in summer. Other than that, there is no difference between forest and forest hills of any type.