Intelligence Skill

Q: In your opinion, is pursuing the Intelligence skill a worthwhile endeavor? I am torn on it, as I find it a difficult pill to swallow, dedicating 3 or more turns on a skill which can only be used once per year, and may deliver bad news, indeed. On the other hand, knowing the location of the nearest iron hex may prove quite useful, and save a few turns of blind scouting. What if there is only one in the immediate area, though, and it is already occupied?

A: I have developed Intelligence and have used it a couple of times. I like the idea of it even though you can only use it once a year. How long would it take to find a trade city or another trade city for that matter or a special resource or upgraded seeking hex??? I for one have not found either of the last 2 even though I have had numerous scouting parties out for several years. In my opinion the Intelligence skill is a must have for a tribe on the go. Imagine the researches that could be developed for this skill???