Q: I have a situation I need to clarify. I am moving my Tribe across known terrain so far I’m at 15mps. there is 1 more hex in front in the middle of my terrain that is unknown at the moment, so If I allocate movement to that final hex only to find out it isn’t a prairie hex going over my limit which means I remain on the hex prior, will this throw out my orders completely for my scouts?
Should I finish on the hex prior and only go to the max of what hexes I can see terrain for and send my scouts out from here instead to be on the safe side?

A: My advice is plan to stop short of the unknown hex. Your Scouting orders are all given for the hex you end up in. If you end up in a different hex the scout go in the DIRECTION you gave orders for not towards the hex you were hoping to scout out.

If you make the last movement order towards the unknown hex a “to limit” order, you might gain enough “secret movement bonus” to push into that unknown hex. My experience has been an increase of 4-8 mp with a “to limit” order (my trade element regularly moves upwards of 42 mp each turn). That having been said, the previous cautions regarding Arid terrain should be weighed. But, you are most likely on Mangalia, where Arid and Desert terrain is highly improbable.