Reading the results

Your results come in and you open the file to see a whole load of numbers. What’s it all about?

The top left of the page gives you your Tribe number and name (if you have one) and the season and year of the turn. The top right shows how much it cost and what your balance is.

The next couple of lines outline what you did in your activities and how you and your scouts moved.

Let’s say your Tribe moved: NW-Pr/NW-Pr/SW-GH, River S SW/ NW-CH River S

This means that you moved NW into prairie, NW into prairie, SW into grassy hills and there was a river to your S and SW, then you moved NW into conifer hills and there was a river to your S.

Your scout movement is reported in similar vein. Eg:
Scout 1: N-CH, LCM N, NW, NE/ Not enough MPs to move further
Scout 2: SW-GH, L NW River SE, S, SW, NW/ No Ford on River SW.
Scout 3: SE-GH, River S, SW, Find COAL/NE-CH L NW, Find TIN ORE

So Scout 1 moved N to conifer hills and saw low conifer mountains to N, NW and NE, and then couldn’t move any further.
Scout 2 moved SW to GH and found a lake to the NW, and there was river to SE, S, SW and NW, and they couldn’t move SW as ordered because there was no ford available for them to cross the river.
Scout 3 moved SE to GH, saw river S and SW and found a coal deposit. It then went NE to conifer hills and found a lake to the NW and deposits of tin ore.

These ores are all mines. You can dig out the ores and coal through assigning people to mining in Activities – but make sure you have some skills or you might not get much or your attempt could end up in a mining accident and you lose people. Having some appropriate tools – like picks – increases production.

You getting the level of micro-management required now?

Then comes your status.

The status will tell you the terrain you are in and who or what is in your hex. It will list all your current assets. It’ll tell you how many people you have and how it is broken up into Warriors, Actives and Inactives.

The next line shows your skills. The skills underlined are those that were attempted that month. Those that are in bold are the ones that were successful, those not in bold type failed.

Morale gives you an indication of how the tribe is feeling, but this doesn’t mean a lot to you at this stage because you are probably more interested in how you are feeling.

Weight gives an indication of what you are carrying, and your Walking Carrying Capacity is what you can carry. When the weight is greater than your carry capacity, the tribe will be unable to move until you have disposed of some items. It is a rough guide only, used mainly as a prompt for you (and the GM) to take a closer look if it is approaching critical levels. The weight for walking includes provisions eaten for that turn (eating happens before movement). Ignore the Mounted Carrying capacity figure until you have a mounted Tribe or Element