Terrain Types

ALPS: a bigger version of HSM
AR: Arid: tundra without water.
BH: Brush Hill: Hill covered with brush.
BR: Brush: Conifer forest with fewer trees more bushes (Forestry not possible here).
CH: Conifer Hill: Hill covered with conifer forest.
DE: Desert: Arid without grass.
DF: Deciduous: Seasonal forest.
DH: Deciduous Hill: Hill covered with deciduous forest.
Ford: Shallow spots that are ways across rivers.
GH: Grassy Hill: Hill covered with grass.
HSM: High Mountains: cannot be entered.
JG: Jungle: Wet forest.
JH: Jungle Hill: Hill covered with jungle.
L:Lake a body of water
LCM: Low Conifer Mountains: Hills but higher, difficult to enter covered with conifer forest.
LJM: Low Jungle Mountain
LSM: Low Snowy Mountains: Hills but higher, very difficult to enter.
PI: Polar Ice: Permanent ice and difficult to move through.
PR: Prairie: Grassland.
R: Rivers: Large moving body’s of water difficult to cross unless through a ford.
RH: Rocky Hill: Hill covered with rocks.
SH: Snow Hill: colder than GH, snow rather than grass.
SW: Swamp: very wet grassland.
TU: Tundra: not very good grassland.