The TribeNet World


The action in TribeNet takes place on a series of vast continents. Each continent is laid out on a hex(agon)-grid map aligned north-south (flat-topped hexagons) with each hex representing 25 miles from border to border.  Each hex has a certain terrain type associated with it. It is assumed that there is a mix of landforms and vegetation in each hex, but the terrain assigned to the hex is the predominant feature.

The map has rivers, lakes and oceans. Rivers skirt the boundaries of the hexes. The coastline of lakes and oceans are assumed to have some land in it. The setting is the northern hemisphere.

The TribeNet world is a dynamic environment, and new land masses may form, and geographic upheavals may appear from time to time.



There is little in the way of infrastructure. There are some ports and towns, and there are local people who trade in different wares, and still others who might ask for your tribe’s assistance in building structures in return for favourable deals.



The dominant currency is silver. Some local traders will only trade in rare items like frankincense, olives or gold. However, towns and fairs operate in silver.



The current era is said to have begun in Springtide of the year 800. It is a world in the throes of an iron age, but the stone age and the bronze age still hold some influence. Some areas of TN life have developed at a different rate to those of Earth, to give a unique culture and interesting relationships with technology.



There are 4 seasons and 12 months in the year.


SeasonMonth Month Month



There are 6 climatic bands on the planet: Cold, Cool, Moderate. Mild, Subtropical and Tropical

There are 7 weather patterns: Fine; Light Rain; Light Snow; Wind; Heavy Rain; Heavy Snow and Heatwave

Only one weather pattern affects your Clan each month. This is deemed to be the dominant weather pattern for that month, although it is assumed that other weather happened on individual days.