Game review


Christopher Molnar United States Department of State
Age of Empires
TribeNet is a detailed and rich game of exploration, advancement, trade and conquest. It is an open-ended epic campaign game with historical sensitivity – the setting is Iron Age to post Iron Age. It asks of players that they be skilled in the arts of strategy, diplomacy and negotiation. TribeNet has been relaunched this year after a one-year hiatus (it previously ran for about 12 years – but has its origins in the 80’s). Most players are 25+. It is currently played by 25+ players. If you have played civilisation type or diplomacy style games you will have something of the idea of TribeNet. However, it is text and not graphics based. It is for players who like to ponder and negotiate their response over a few days. And, if I can put it sensitively, it appeals to the more mature player. TribeNet has a very stable player base (few drop having started) and a high degree of reliability. It enables the player to think in terms of both short term and long term strategies, and enables you to feel confident that the game will still be there when you want it to be. Two-week turnaround. The first 6 turns are provided free so that you may make an assessment. And/or you can ask for FAQS. Peter at or Web